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We QOV every day to R.E.D!


Quilts of Valor® Foundation comprises 10,000 volunteer members and tens of thousands of supporters. Our Mission is to reach out to those touched by war, and we have wrapped over quarter-million Service Members and Veterans in comfort and healing. Approximately 18-million left to go.

Each Quilt of Valor is a tangible thank you from grateful citizens, for many the first one they have received. We know our way of life depends upon dedicated men and women serving to uphold the Constitution. Whether draftee or volunteer, each one gave up their freedom to protect ours.

Raw materials for a Quilt of Valor cost approximately $300. Our volunteers work tirelessly to turn pennies into yards of thread, fabric and batting. We leave no scrap behind.

Share the passion of our Mission while sharing YOUR passion to Remember Everyone Deployed.

All items are PRE-ORDER only, they will be produced after the store closes on February 22nd.  

Orders will be shipped after production and arrive approximately 4 weeks after the store closes.