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In late 2002, some All-Marine and Camp Pendleton Rugby veterans got together to play rugby and share some fellowship in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the years went by and the United States remained heavily engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, these men lost a rugby teammate, Lt Col. Kevin Shea, in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. This fateful event served as the impetus to bring these men back together for more rugby, camaraderie, and what would eventually become the Old Breed Rugby Football Club. 

 The Old Breed Rugby Football Club has evolved and is as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that consists of military veterans and first responders with 350+ members from all over the world. We proudly field men’s, women’s, and old boys teams in 3-4 tournaments annually. 

 The Old Breed Rugby’s mission is to honor and remember all service members that have given their lives for their country during peacetime and combat operations. We continue to use rugby and social events as vehicles to spread our mission and raise funds for partner charities and non-profits.

 To learn more about the Old Breed Rugby Club visit their website here