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Authentically American Founder & CEO Dean Wegner visits Fox & Friends with investment parter and NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip.



Through the Buy One, Feed One program, Authentically American is creating jobs in America and serving those on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.

Authentically American CEO Dean Wegner, a veteran and former P&G marketing exec, joins YFi AM to discuss his Made In USA apparel brand.

Fox & Friends did a special on small businesses that have the Made In USA claim, and Authentically American was featured.

“We named the company what we did because we’re intentional...we celebrate patriotism, love America, believe in the American worker and honor American heroes.”

Wegner’s company provides Made In USA, custom branded apparel and merchandise for corporate, educational, and nonprofit clients around the country.

Dean Wegner told Venture Nashville he has raised $600K for his Authentically American LLC startup, which offers goods that it promises are made only in the United States.

Authentically American Founder and CEO Dean Wegner believes we can strengthen the US economy through the manufacturing base.

In the mid-1980s, nearly 75 percent of apparel worn in America was made in the United States. In the mid-1990s, it dropped below 50 percent, and today, it is 2.7 percent.

“Each one of our guests has a remarkable story to tell, and their lives, achievements and never-give-up spirit are proof that the American Dream is alive and well."

An American apparel company is celebrating patriotism with the help of investor and NASCAR great Darrell Waltrip.

Army veteran Dean Wegner announced today that NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip has joined the company’s team of investors.

Army veteran Wegner raises capital to fortify his new Authentically American apparel brand.

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